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Amandine Forest

Central Saint Martins

BA (Hons) Graphic Communication Design

About me

Hi! I'm a franco-Ivorian graphic designer, interested in Black History and experimental publishing. My practice is about the print format and how to explore it, question it, and work with it as a 'whole' where content, form, layout, typography, papers, binding… merge together to create a new 'identity' of the book aiming to engage the reader in the theme. In addition, I explore this aspect of the book in relation to Black History and its re-discovery. Experimental publishing is a form of art that is still in development and little known from the general audience, even though the reader experience has a central position. This idea of ‘little known’ can be seen as well in Black History, which suffers from a small exposure —as intentional as it could be. Therefore, experimental publishing appeared to me as the beginning of an answer to educate people about this part of History that is still blurred for most, having the wish to engage people with it. 


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