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Alexandra Hochguertel - Graduate

London College of Communication

BA (Hons) Design Management

About me

Hi, my name is Alexandra and I am an educated design manager. I believe along with the profession of being a design manager comes great responsibility in trying to transform our surrounding into a better place. Thereby my ideal project would be creating concepts and strategies for an innovative institution that links creativity with the focus on empathy, sustainability and the belief in a better future. Growing up in Frankfurt, one of the biggest financial and cultural metropolis in Germany, taught me openness and an appreciation for the exchange of different cultures. Being raised among Frankfurt’s two most flourishing industry sectors, the financial and the advertising industry, I understood the importance of the interplay between business and creativity from early on.Due to my ten years of work experience as a fashion model, I have grown an international network within the fashion industry ranging from photographers, art directors, agents and editors, which has increased my commercial awareness and management skills. Being my own brand at a young age allowed me to travel, live and work independently abroad, and learn how to react competently in challenging situations. Moreover, training my perception and understanding of building a personal brand has allowed me to work as a designer for commercial clients. By reading clients' needs and values, I have been commissioned to put a face to a company. Along with my career in the fashion sector, I have commenced and graduated from the Design Management and Cultures program at the University of the Arts London (UAL). During my time at UAL, I developed profound skills ranging from problem-solving and leadership skills to project management. Moreover, I had the chance to familiarize myself with hard and soft skills such as the Adobe suite, design thinking, and strategy development. My projects ranged from building strategic reports, writing case studies about CRM and social marketing, to human-centred design and social design such as creating a refuge for visually impaired people living in London. By writing my thesis about the oncology of the future and the idea of utopias, I aimed to understand peoples behaviour and dreams and find an innovative way to display them. If this approach mirrors your interests too, I think we got something to talk about!Looking forward to a future conversation!


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