amelia cross

London College of Fashion

BA (Hons) Bespoke Tailoring

About me

womenswear designer bespoke tailor understated luxury consciously handmade in London SLOW FASHION // ecdysis [ek-duh-sis] noun 1. the shedding or casting off of an outer coat or integument by snakes, crustaceans, etc. Writer H. L. Mencken used the word "ecdysiast"– in response to a request from striptease artist Georgia Sothern for a "more dignified and less sexual" way to refer to her profession (Rogers, E. 2005). This collection consists of clothing that appears to be falling off the body, in a way of which de-sexualises the unique female form. Each garment has been constructed using traditional bespoke techniques and luxury craftsmanship, in a contemporary way. // BLUE GOLD - Timothy Everest Industry project Inspired by the traditional indigo dyeing techniques, this project resulted in creating a 'casually tailored' denim wear piece made out of luxurious wool. All pocketing, concealed fastenings and binding was hand dyed using indigo, known as 'blue gold' due to its high value. instagram: @ameliaisnotcross twitter: @ameliaisntcross

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