Clair Napierski

London College of Fashion

About me

BA (Hons) Fashion Design graduate with a passion for craft, sustainability, innovation and mood engagement. FINAL MAJOR PROJECT 'Believe' ‘Believe’ questions authenticity, beliefs (such as superstition and magic, rituals, symbolism and religion etc) and questions the workings of the human mind, looking at the parallels between the stigmas of sustainability and the stigmas surrounding mental health. Inspired by a research trip through Europe exploring beautiful and inspiring places such as folk villages and traditional castles in Transylvania, and Bone Chapels in Czech Republic along with a concentration camp and numerous exhibitions and places of interest throughout Germany and Belgium. A combination of these visual research elements illustrates the traditionalism and opulence of these slices of history combined with the dark, gothic and superstitious tones of the subjects. It also explores the more surreal and conceptual tension between what we see, what we THINK we see and what we actually know that came through onto my prints and throughout the rest of my collection. Bold combinations of rich mahoganies and wooden shades, luxurious metals and traditional blue hues of Romanian backdrops make up the colour palette for this collection. Magnificent castles and traditional Romanian architectural structures, mysterious woodcarvings, ornate chandeliers and furnishings, inkblots, collage and ritualistic scarification provide silhouettes and configurations for this body of work. Oppulent metalics, rich warm velvets and grandeur upholstery trimmings mimic the traditional luxury settings of historical castles and romance of superstitious surroundings. The considered use of reclaimed leathers, laser cut and combined with machine embroidery, hand embroidery and beading with donated beads and damaged jewellery, and intricate embelishments combined with carefully crafted mussel shells. Incorporating carefully executed waste reducing digital print and the reuse where possible of scrap materials in line with the brands luxury aesthetic.

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