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Grace Capewell

Central Saint Martins

BA (Hons) Performance: Design and Practice

About me

I am an experimental film maker, theatre practitioner, and art director. I am influenced by theatre, mime, opera, and experimental European filmmakers. I create theatrical films where theatre is directed for a camera rather than for a live audience. I am passionate about making the arts more accessible, and this is one of the main reasons why I enjoy transforming theatre into film: film is tremendously more accessible than theatre. I also enjoy the ability to replay the performance again and again. My pieces focus on strong female leads, through the lens of a woman. I often take a dark synopsis and make it more lighthearted and playful, oftentimes evoking feelings of adventure. There is a heavy emphasis on design, through intricate sets and detailed costumes. I use a maximalist approach to my design, integrating plenty of bright colours and depth of design into my work. Whilst engaging with my work, I want my audience to feel a wave of nostalgia, awe, and fascination. I aim to intrigue and energise; my goal is to have each individual leave inspired. Sometimes I enjoy using dark humour to create a sense of happiness within. 


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