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Grace Davies

Camberwell College of Arts

Foundation Diploma In Art And Design

About me

I have just finished the Foundation course at UAL, specialising in Fine Art: Drawing and looking forward to starting BA Fine Art: Drawing at Camberwell later this year.I have been particularly interested by the role in which I play in the creation of my work considering authorship and whether I can ultimately reduce my influence on my outcomes. I have explored ways of generating pieces, particularly interested in the influence of computers in the role of decision making. I feel that my most successful work this year has been that which I have had reduced control over, finding the pieces where I have not been aware of the outcome in advance to be the most interesting. I have explored a range of decision making methods, ranging from flipping a coin to writing short pieces of code in order to determine elements of pieces. In the future, I wish to explore these ideas further, considering how little control I can have over my work and whether I should ultimately surrender credit over it.


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