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Grace Penton

Camberwell College of Arts

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design | Curriculum Area: Fine Art

About me

A Christian and multi-disciplinary artist; I’ve learnt that I work in a spontaneous way, developing ideas from things I’ve read, watched, and stories, frequently from my youth. The Bible inspires me, and the fantastic imagery used to get across important messages, influences me to do the same, as I create outlandish and comedic costumes, layered with meaning, and the need to understand Jesus and the world around me. I gravitate towards using accessible materials, like cardboard, papier-mâché and paint; they’re easy to manipulate, reinforcing my necessity to create. I’ve learnt to brave the fear of embarrassment, as a lot of my work has become performance based, leaning towards film to document it, but also as an art form in it’s own right. I’m greatly inspired by Monster Chetwynd, and the group Fluxus, who utilise the playfulness and absurdity in creating, and who focus a lot on performance, which I want to explore more in the future.


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