I poured out my own memories in this parent-child inspired nostalgic collection. Through exploring the old photographs of my mother, and the 80s-90s treasures from Beijing Silvermine Archives, reflects Asian parent-child kind of implicit, introverted but loving relationship. I've tried to relive my mother’s memories, overlaps with my own vision of an independent kids world, dive into myself more in this whole process. People trying to get a sense of control in a relationship by superstition, in order to decline their anxiety in this big world, so do parents. so I integrate the ideas of superstition with dark-fairy tale imagination. Therefore, this project has drawn on the work of the movie 'House' which show’s a noisy and fragile imaginary world through a kids’ perspective, also gives me the 80s-90s girl’s dress reference. At the same time, in this textile-led collection, I got surface inspirations from Lieko Shiga's photograph about myth and lives, creates a garish and dark colour palette, illustrates a fantastic but perplexing scenario.

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