ChisenhaleHz is a collective of creatives who met regularly at the Chisenhale Gallery, of which I was part of. Following the first meeting, we collectively decided on the name ChisenhaleHz, which reflects the multiple frequencies and voices brought together in the group. Working closely with the curatorial team at the gallery and using ideas and themes raised through the Commissions Programme, ChisenhaleHz presented a series of public events throughout the year. Through working with Chisenhale Gallery’s curatorial team and invited practitioners, such as artists, writers, curators, and filmmakers among many others, we were able to curate several events. Events programmed by ChisenhaleHz to date include a screening of artists’ film exploring ideas of access, agency, and distribution in response to Mandy El-Sayegh’s commission Cite Your Sources (2019), and a roundtable discussion, with writer and artist Morgan Quaintance and artist free.yard, exploring ideas of who, or what defines the ‘centre’ in response to Ima-Abasi Okon’s 2019 commission at Chisenhale Gallery.

ChisenhaleHz roundtable discussion

Exhibition Event: ChisenhaleHz present ‘Merging the Layers

Ima-Abasi Okon Opening

Exhibition Event: ChisenhaleHz present ‘Merging the Layers

Exhibition Event: ChisenhaleHz present ‘Merging the Layers

Merging the Layers Handout

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