Old Mrs Hempstock Wig Dressed by Leah Fletcher

Old Mrs Hempstock Wig Dressed by Leah Fletcher

Ursula Wig Dressed by Leah Fletcher

Pin curls by Leah Fletcher

Letti Hairstyle by Leah Fletcher for the Ocean tour

Braiding long hair

Braiding medium to short hair

A Chinese Inspired Toupee

I hand-tied this toupee

A Blond Moustache

I knotted this moustache and styled it for my Etsy shop (@UtopianPostiche)

Grey Moustache

I knotted this moustache for my Etsy shop (@UtopianPostiche)

Final Major Project Hair Piece - Knotting

I knotted this hair piece for my Final Major Project using real human hair

Yubaba Reimagined Character - Wig Foundation

I made this wig foundation for the Yubaba Reimagined Wig.

Yubaba Reimagined Character - Padding-out the Wig Block

I placed the plastic headwrap onto the wig block to get the correct dimensions for the model

The back view of the Geisha inspired wig that I had constructed and styled.

I created this wig for a university project where I was to redesign one of the characters from Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away animated film. I chose to redesign the character of Yubaba.

Side view of the Geisha wig.

The Pagan Wig

I designed a character for a university project and decided to make this wig in order to realise this aspect of my design. My character was inspired by Paganism and nature. I constructed and styled this wig.


back view

Ocean Letti hairstyle by Leah Fletcher

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