In this special period, my biggest experience is that I have been in a state of isolation, so I named the theme of this project as isolated life. I chose my deeply emotions, which are three kinds of attitudes towards that I showed in the early, middle and late stages of the epidemic. So I will integrate my experience and this three of emotions and finally I will transform my emotions into the art.


At the beginning of the epidemic, I always felt confused and helpless. We had to stay at home. Many study plans and travel arrangements were disrupted. Therefore, I drew an illustration showing my whole state at that time.


In the middle of the epidemic, many people died every day. For me, I have been very scared and scared. We have to wear masks wherever we go. Although we are very reluctant, we have to do so in order to protect ourselves. Although the masks help us isolate the harm of the virus, for me, it is also isolated from the outside world. We are all isolated at home.


In the last period of the epidemic, basically all the diseases have been controlled. I can also go out and play. When I come to see the epidemic, it will only feel that it is a disaster, but also let us feel the greatness of medical staff. Many forests, rivers and streets have become better because people are separated from home.

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