The reason why I decided on fake news was because of a rumor a while ago. It was said that an international student returned home without reporting it, which led to the quarantine of the entire community. Consequently, many people condemned the student on the Internet. Cyber violence turned really bad. People accused the student of being irresponsible without even knowing the truth. I have to say I was greatly surprised and impressed by this news. Rumors have always been there. They are as strange as they can be. However, the scariest thing is that people might actually believe in such them. People can lose their judgment in the face of rumors. This does nothing good to the termination of the rumors. The idea I am trying to deliver here is that we should neither believe in nor spread fake news. The last thing we should do is making hasty comments or forwarding them without second thought when we don’t know the truth behind. Particularly, during such a special period, the generation and spreading of every single rumor can bring negative influence on other people or even other countries. So, we should always be careful with them.

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