How to be like a boy? I have been considering this question for ages. Since I was born, the world has seemed to be telling me what to do to be like a boy. I have felt uncomfortable with those social expectations of being a ‘boy’. People just said ‘that is unnatural’. But what is natural? Nature creates variety, there are no two identical leaves in the world. Only in a factory, do people call difference unacceptable. So, I focused on this point to start my work. I chose several artificial products as a metaphor for society’s expectations of boys. And I showed relations between some natural creatures and a boy to illustrate my opinions. I named it Nature Boy. The online exhibition here:

Nature Boy

The final piece is an 8-page zine, which is folded from one piece of A3 paper. This form of zine does not have an actual start page or end page. It is an endless zine, that can represents endless discrimination and resistance.

The Concept Behind Nature Boy

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