My theme is about 'quarantine'. I chose it because I think it is the most different part of the new normal. And I got much strong emotion during this period. I want others to feel what I feel. In my first project, I used black, red, dark and light to express my feeling. During quarantine, it is easy to feel lonely and upset. But at the same time, the outside world is too dangerous for us. The only way to get hope is to stay at home. So I used rad to express negative emotion, use black to express danger. The name of it also is special. The rad balloon looks like an apple. And also because I think it is very important to think about why cover-19 has happened. How to face the unbalance relationship between humans and nature? What should we do after his pandemic? On my second project, I used three plastic toys to express comfortable felling. Because after I interview my friends and classmates I noticed people's feel was changed during this period. At the start of the period, people may feel angry or stressed. But following the time pass, most of the people will get some fun. Some of them learned a new skill, some of them changed their mind about the internet. It is a very interesting change. Finally about my third work, I used clean water to express that use rad water to express verious, quarantine or medical materials protect us like the ballon proect the inside water.


About the emotional and question which we got during quarantine


Change of people's feeling


The meaning of wear mark or following the goverment advices.

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