The relationship between internet and human

I think new normal has a wide range of fields, I t is not only limited to the epidemic period, but also represents a new emerging thing. The first inspiration for this project came from my previous Ben, he said "you can see me, but I can't see you, so I don't know if what you're expressing is what you really want to express." From this, I think that with the development of the Internet, more and more people will choose to use social software. However, have we ever thought about the expression of the person we are communicating with is what we really want to express. So, I plan to draw clothes and paintings to express my ideas. The next inspiration came from is an exhibition called “On Sabbatical” in Shanghai". Among them, an artist said, "we are encoded to respond to our own emotional life, face the reflection of our inner world, the word reflection gives me a lot of inspiration. It determines what I want to draw: the comparison of the same person in the real world and the virtual world can map the person to a mobile phone, and the same person can present different images.  The reason why I do things related to the Internet is that I think the Internet has become the main body of this society. At least in China, we can see a mobile phone anytime, anybody and anywhere, whether it is the elderly, teenagers, children or adults. The network world is a virtual environment, everyone can disguise themselves, but I want you to reflect, once the camouflage for a long time, will you lose yourself? 

Me and Me

My tutor Ben

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