This work contains three parts and show the process that I overcome the negative emotion when I live in a small room alone. Its name is Snail. This work expresses the negative emotion like depressive, isolated and purposeless due to living in a small space for a long time and help people overcome the mental problems. It visualizes the abstract emotion and people’s inner world with snail to be the monster of the inevitable depressive emotion when people live in a narrow space. This is a work of emotional expression combined with narrative logic, and it is also my area. Most of my works explore the psychological state and behavior of different people in different situations. Besides, I often focus on marginalized people as the main object of my exploration. Some of my works are based on the text, but some of them purely express opinions or emotions about something. There is no fixed style for my work. I will decide the form, style and painting materials according to the characteristics of each project. I prefer to use multiple techniques to explore unique visual language. This process can continuously improve and enrich my knowledge reserve, and expand my ability.

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