This is an installation called An Accident of a Delivery Package, made from mixed media. The dimensions are about 200cm*80cm*40cm. This work was initially inspired by my thinking during the lockdown period, that people are getting further from others because of the virus and they are more sensitive. So I wanted to highlight the feeling of loneliness. But loneliness is not only about being physically alone, it is more about the mental isolation. Therefore I used the idea of “delivery boxes”, to represent individual difference and privacy, for they are different needs of different people. The mass are used to trust these boxes and packages, and in my work, it is a disaster for those secrets. I prepared some different kinds of items for the delivery boxes, and different sizes of boxes to make them look more real. The items I used contain some adult erotic products and other things like dolls, pills or poison. By placing them in some certain order, these boxes respectively represent for violence, sexual abuse, pederosis, sickness and crimination. All of these boxes are packed in a jute bag, which is often used to pack delivery packages in the same area, and this jute bag is also torn. I put this torn package on the stairs of an apartment. As the relationship of neighbors can make this situation even more dramatic. During this work I researched some artworks of different artists, such as How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare (Joseph Beuys, 1965), The Castle (Jorge Mendez Blake, 2007), A Space for Lingering (Kristen Spruit, 2019) and also a series of poverty artworks made by Michelangelo Pistoletto. My work has been particularly informed by the artist Jannis Kounellis who was famous for making poverty art. He uses a lot of items which can easily be found in the daily life and environment. However, the effect of the final artworks was not limited by the simple materials they were made of. His artworks have strong story-telling, for the items he chose already contain stories itself, and they all represent different ideas. I was inspired and attracted by the essence of this art form, and this can be an advantage to my art theme.

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