From new normal as a starting point, my art work is presented in the form of collage. I have been exploring the definition of new normal. My thoughts have changed during the period. The initial inspiration came from my sister's return to China from England during the epidemic. Fear, tension, fatigue and insecurity are the key words I summed up from our conversation. But my exploration did not stop here. After I visited other artist friends, my definition of new normal changed. An American friend told me that his epidemic life was lonely and had no close communication with society. This inspired my deep thinking. I researched a multi-angle survey from a social approach. Mainly from the three perspectives of virtual, reality and illustration. This is my new definition of new normal: people give up social activities and use Internet to communicate and work because of the environmental and epidemiological insecurity. Interpersonal relationships have changed. Use virtual ways to achieve social interaction. Therefore, interpersonal relationship is my key word. My work is created around these three keywords: crowd, communication and eyes. Use collage, painting, hollowed-out way to work. Expresses the concept of eye communication. Most of the characters I paint have only eyes. This is because when we all wear masks, the eyes become a tool for our communication. Eyes will represent our character, mood and thoughts. 2020 is the most different year in recent decades. Illness, infection, fear and loneliness have enveloped this year. Many things have changed, and this is the new normal. It's not just how people feel and how they socialize. The new normal represents the course of the epidemic and changes in the world.


Art work

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