This is the artwork I did during the quarantine which aims to make people focus on new forms of art supplies. As we know, colors and brushes are the traditional art supplies used for making works , but the usage of art materials will be a problem due to the quarantine. People are hard to get enough art supplies when they are isolated. What else things can be used for making artworks except traditional art supplies was the first question I asked to myself and it also became my initial start for the New Normal project. I began to test all kinds of materials which can be found in a home, such as fruit juice, rotten fruits and dust and so on. The fired candle was the final choice since I can use it to create similar texture with ink painting. The theme of the work is about Buddhism. From the work people can tell that it’s the image of flying Apsaras in Duhuang Moral painting, which aims to reflect the culture of Buddhism in Northern Wei Dynasty. Religion becomes a core topic to my artworks and I hope I could do related paintings further.

mock ups

similar texture with ink paintings

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