Love and guard is a story of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic by a drawing. In this story, my drawing focuses on the important role of face mask. In the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, many countries were lack of face mask. Meanwhile, because of cultural background difference and the influence of religious or political factors, some people refuse to wear face mask. After learning these things, I decide to design a fashion face mask which is a combination of fashion accessories and protective equipment. This kind of multifunctional and fashionable face mask is made up by environmental protection material. Its characteristics include sunscreen, dust-proof, prevention of catkin, prevention of pollen and breathe freely. It is three-dimensional cutting and has good breathability. It is made up by five parts, sealing stripe, close skin layer, filter layer, protective layer and the bridge of the nose clip. Meanwhile, in order to fit different face shapes, I design the belt as being adjustable. It is non-slip design and full face seal. It is worth mentioning that this kind of multifunctional and fashionable face mask is washable and reusable. It could be washed about 100 times without deformation. After people wear it, they can move the filter and wash the mask. After a while, people just pop in a new filter every few days. Don’t worry about getting stuffy in this kind of mask. If you wear it when you do outdoor sports, you can breath freely. What’s more, it could also become a fashion items to attract others eyes.

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