The final product of my project is a new mask that is suitable for people of all ages. Its special feature is that the mask has a valve that opens and closes at the mouth. Through my investigation, I found that novel Coronavirus can transmit through aerosol formed by saliva and air, while people cannot continue to wear masks when eating. At this time, if people are crowded in a closed space, the risk of infection will be increased. When using my mask, when people need to eat and drink, using my mask can greatly reduce the exposure of skin, mouth and nose in the air. When people need to eat, they just need to remove the lid a little bit, so that the nose and the skin except the lips are not exposed to public places. The hinge between the mask and the lid ensures that the lid is used frequently enough for people to finish using the mask. In addition, the material of the mask is non-woven. According to my research, non-woven cloth is the material used in many medical facilities, and the mask made of non-woven cloth has the highest cost performance, which is suitable for the economic level of the general public.

new normal mask

stop-motion animation

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