My artwork is inspired by the people who stayed at home for a long time during the epidemic. This artwork takes a critical view of the decadent, slovenly and extremely unhealthy lifestyle at home. This project wants to ask people whether this is their dream life. Before the epidemic, people often said they wanted to work at home and have more time for rest. If they could have a holiday, they would prefer to sleep all day. Due to this situation, their dreams have come true, they got a long vacation, almost 8 months, but what do they now want? They wanted to work, to go to school. I think it's an opportunity for more people to think about what they really want their life to be like. In the production process, I repeatedly tried various materials and methods to better connect different materials, and finally determined the materials and shaping methods for each part of the work. This kind of exploration and attempt is what I am most interested in during the production process. It is the most meaningful thing for artistic creation to connect different media around the theme and produce meaning.

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