The outer shell of the sofa is made of removable and washable elastic flannel, and the inside is filled with very small expanded polypropylene particles, which makes the whole sofa have excellent elasticity, fluidity and reducibility. This work can be divided into two parts, the lower part is made of a soft sofa, and the upper part is made of a soft pillow. Such a huge sofa can wrap the main part of the human body, giving a certain sense of security, and the pillow in the arms can be removed, which can facilitate better use of the sofa and reduce unnecessary trouble. If you feel uneasy or anxious, the pillow can play a good decompression effect and a feeling of fullness. This ideal comes from my mother who was stay alone at the COVID-19 outbreak, she was in a state of extreme anxiety; worrying about my health and trying her best not to disturb me too much. Under such circumstances, I wanted to appease my mother, but I was unable to accompany me by her side, so I thought of the idea of 'soothing sofa'. As a student who has not actually been exposed to design, this is just an ideal concept. But the feedback obtained through my market research shows that most people are still willing to pay for my idea, but some also said that they need to look at the final pricing and consider whether it will occupy too much space.

Soothing Sofa without Soothing Pillow

This is the usage without soothing pillow, this sofa is very practical

Soothing Sofa

This is the usage of the soothing sofa with the soothing pillow

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