Will the rumors in this novel period of Coronavirus make you feel the world is so confused? We have been imprisoned in our rooms by the virus and the rumors spread around the world. There are the psychedelic hues; there are the crowds who buy useless drugs because they believe the rumors; there are the viruses scattered by people. In a room where we can only know about these rumors and the outside world electronically, there are always people who choose to believe the rumors and join the psychedelic outside world. When you look at the world of rumors and viruses from this perspective, do you believe them? However, we should notice that the color does not just represent this psychedelic, it also represents the colorful life. When we think from another angle, we can choose to calmly wait for the appearance of the colorful life background. I am only a student. I just want to make people feel a scene through my works, and people can also have their own thinking from different angles.

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