Distance is the beauty of freedom, peace and tenderness. Children are part of idealism, and parents are representatives of realism. This distance makes the growing children feel independent and that they don't need to rely on their parents anymore, but the parents still believe they are needed to be the light in front of their children. Children are a gift to parents, and parents are children's umbrellas. They are affectionate, loving and their steps towards each other are always more careful and sensitive. I hope they hear each other’s voices and stay at a safe distance. This work uses wood as the main material, combining childlike games with daily work, allowing families to share happy times. At the same time as being a student, I was an ordinary child, and also I may become a parent in the future. No matter what stage I am in, life is an experience that cannot be copied, and there will always be a distance between the ideal and the reality. It is a happy thing for me to use life to create and share my own stories, so that more people can be inspired by my works.

The Distance

Design Inspiration

Research And Analysis

Design Process

Final Drawing

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