The project shows how coronavirus (COVID-19) disease effect our life in many aspects and bring mental stress. Unfortunately, some people lost their lives. This is a catastrophe and it bring despair to some family. It seems like the others are lucky dog, They seems escape from this epidemic. However, everyone effects by coronavirus in work, study and life because coronavirus break the society system, bring economic recession and change some way in people’s life. From where I stand, it brings mess to my work. The epidemic gives entertainment industry a death warrant. I work for an animation company, so I can deeply feel the pressure form the company and suffer from the mental stress. That’s the reason why I draw this kinds of illustration. I want to use my project to talk about the coronavirus which is based on my own experience. The whole picture only have two different color, blue and orange. I t is an common way to use a set of contrasting color to present strong mood.

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