My artwork is a conceptual design named Utopia system. The inspiration all came from the inner fear of my heart and my own experience during the lockdown time in an epidemic situation. I used those drawings to outline the network system I imagined. I want to create a peaceful world like an Eden or Utopia on the internet, which can keep people who are sensitive and easily affected by sorts of news away from those negative energy on the social media. Although Utopia is an impractical world in modern society, it is still a critical topic in many books and films. I know that cannot interfere with what the future society will be like, but I sincerely hope to create an oasis on the Internet.


Actually this system is like an on-off switch to control every information you receive from the internet,This idea is based on information filtering in the era of big data. when people switch it on,everything with negative energy will all disappear,you only can read things you like,there is no pressure on your online surfing ,So its like online Eden and online utopia,which totally like a green shelter on every social media.


During the lockdown time in the epidemic situation, the time people spent on phones is much longer than ever before. there are so much news made us panic like some riots, the mask is out of stock and the those fake news about virus. As the mood line graphic present, people’s mood was unstable, it is fluctuated sharply. There are various negative news on the internet, it is hard for people to avoid receiving the news with negative energy, our emotion have always been manipulated by online speeches,like a puppet that controlled by phones.

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