With mini books as the carrier and color symbols as the content, I redraw the Chinese traditional market with personal subjective colors, and display the humanistic culture of traditional market with color symbols commonly used in plain photography. In this way, people who are used to shopping online in the new normal of the epidemic could see the interest of the traditional market and the importance of maintaining the humanistic culture. The traditional market should not die out because of the rapid increase of e-commerce consumer flow. I first took photos of the bustling traditional market at ordinary times and the deserted traditional market during the epidemic period as a comparison. I wanted to show such a comparison through the photos, reminding people of the cultural atmosphere of the traditional market. In my photography halfway through the experiment, I found the comparative lack of conviction. This situation prompted me to analyze the color in the films of Wong Kar Wei, I found his own subjective color in the film into a number of angles, such as clothing, props and atmosphere, he uses this method to show the different personality traits of each role, and his film color saturation is very high. So I try to add personal subjective colors to the photos I collected, so as to carry out color experiments, with high concentration of cold and warm colors as the main contrast. Through these ways I could explain the unique human nature of the traditional market. Not only that, I also use hand-painted methods to depict and enlarge the expression of the characters in the photos, because I think people have humanity, but the changing data does not.

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