After lock-down, ‘Boredom’ and ‘Apathy’ not only represented sub-healthy lifestyles, they also presented human life as a new normal lifestyle to help us live better. This work researches the positive influence of lock-down for human life. The inspiration comes from the situation that people desires the boring and indifferent life in lock-down. During my research of people’s activities at this time, I found ‘boredom’ actually is a creative state for human to dream, and ‘apathy’ can help people to live better by ignoring the anxious news of COVID-19 and unemployment pressures. Combining my personal experience of these emotion,these illustrations expresses my feeling of ‘boredom’ and ‘apathy’. I hope these works can inspire people to concern themselves more with their personal feeling, rather than the external factors like news and other’s comments in their post-pandemic life.

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