Nearly all students have to use a mobile phone all the time at home because of Covid-19. Either they study online or play online games. As we know, using mobile phones for too long is harmful to our health and some students lack self-control addicted to online games so that their health and academic performances are affected. I then investigated other similar time management apps and they focus more on study and sleep. Hence, some poor self-control people need Playtime to boost their willpower. Playtime is an app helping you concentrate on your games and focus on the importance of being punctual. It tries to balance time, study, entertainment, life and earning money. I think there is no need to stop teenagers from playing games so long as we properly arrange and control their game time.


I was inspired by watching “Legal Report” of CCTV, it’s a famous legal program in China. On 14th July 2020, it told a real story about an eleven-year-old boy was addicted to playing online games, and he spent all his mother’s medical expenses on games so that his mother had no money for medical care.


A lot of pay-for-free games are designed to become addictive. You play for free, but once you’ve invested time and effort into your game, you start paying real money to progress further into the game. With people spending huge sums of money on virtual items.

Main Screen

Many games use gold coins as virtual currency, which helped me think of miners, so I finally decided to use digging to represent the time’s processes. In term of color, yellow is the main color. In the shallow sense, it is the color of ‘coins’ and ‘time is money’ is the deeper sense.

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