As I compared the epidemic this year with the outbreak of SARS in 2002, the difference was observed that AI had been widely applied in the current process of fighting against the COVID-19 epidemic. This New Normal led to the original inspiration for my design. I had then eventually decided to present, in the form of posters and fonts design, by visualizing the scene how the assistance AI has for human to cope with the difficulty this virus brought, after an array of investigations and critical attempts as well as choices. After thinking some information of mind map and research, I found some keywords and some visual feelings that I want to communicate, that is, in a chaotic, disorderly, and fearful situation, artificial intelligence as a new warrior to help people to fight with the virus. For the final works, the main body is some metal AI robots, they protect humans and combat with virus. The atmosphere of the posters are chaotic, like a war, and AI robots are just like warriors. they fight the virus, together with humans. The background is a picture of lung lesions, and I used photoshop to make some special effect on it. For the whole posters, I want to create a feeling of fighting on the battlefield. And the font I designed is also exaggerated to cater to the whole atmosphere, just like screaming or shouting. After many attempts and adjustments, I finally created this series of poster works.

posters design

font design

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