I have always been interested in the solitude of modern people. In particular, my thoughts based on humanism began to try to have insight into a new era changed by the COVID 19. I started working with anxiety while seeing my friends and family with the depression caused by the corona called “Corona Blue”. I conducted an interview with them. The new era that modern people experienced was a place where they coexist with isolation by others and by their will. Governments are aware of the virus and physically isolate people to prevent them from infection. They were longing for the past where everyone was free. One of these conducted both physically and mentally isolation. Modern people are immersed in cyberspace where they can freely enter and exit, and anyone can easily meet in this place. Nevertheless, they were always feeling depressed. One of these sometimes loses boundaries between real and virtual life. There were also people living a false life set on stage. I represent the experiences as images of reproduction. I present them as a character who is sad, nervous and wandering in an unrealistic space. I want to soothe their depressed feelings.

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