Wearing masks is one of the most visible new normals of the coronavirus period. Hence I chose the mask as the main element in this project. For many people, it's just a medical device they're forced to wear. However, I think we can reshape it in design, so as to change the public's perception and definition of masks, so that masks can not only have the function of protecting against viruses, but also have the decorative function similar to clothing and accessories. Therefore, I drew some masks that were different from those on the market and decorated them with more diverse bright and lively colours in contrast to the ‘dark’ atmosphere brought by the COVID-19. So as to advocate that we can turn this type of mask into a trend, which is more beautiful and personalized compared with those boring and rigid medical masks. In this way, I hope to relieve the depression of the public under the COVID-19, and even bring a little joy to the dull and depressed state of life.

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