This is my work for the New Normal project. The name is "2019-2020," and this work is about how people learn to protect themselves during the COVID-19. This project is an interesting one, and you can learn more about it through my speech. I made a sculpture of a human face, and two hands, to convey some ideas, I spent long time on it, there are many directions of understanding, everyone may have different understand . This work is intended to convey something that most people will experience during the COVID-19, and it was very impressive to me. There are many interesting things in this process, such as making details out of clay. When the clay becomes dry, sand it with sandpaper. And its a very interesting process. Finally, thanks for reading this text!


People communicate awareness to protect themselves during COVID-19

your consciousness

The colored lines represent this ‘consciousness’


People who have experienced COVID-19 have a layer of protection

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