The project was inspired by the racism incident in the UK. On January 1, 2020, was a socially problematic case with a poster on a door saying that British people do not tolerate using their mother tongue language for foreigners. The reason I have focused on this is due to my thinking that I could be the subject of racism during my future studies in the UK. In addition, as the Brexit and Covid-19 crisis have led to more racism in the future, especially Asians would be the target. My video work rearranges some of the texts from the poster to make a new message. This video work is projected on a wall of the building across from my house using a projector, and it is screened in the house, but eventually it has a public art form that many people can watch. I consider it is a form of work that is suitable for the New Normal era. From my work, I would love to deliver it to foreigners who see my work are consoled and Koreans will be able to remind the problem of racism while watching my work since Korean society also has racists against foreigners.

Happy Brenter Day

A single-channel video projected onto the wall of an apartment opposite_the Process of work and Exhibiting_Full HD_2:56;25 minutes

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