The distance between movie seats under the epidemic situation, in the depth of our hope and future, there is a tacit knowledge of the warmth of human nature.

My theme is the distance of the cinema. On the left is my finished work, which is a creative poster. I'd like to show you the new normal that the distance between movie seats under the epidemic situation. At the beginning of the epidemic, everyone was in a panic. Originally, they wanted to use black and white as the background color. Later, I saw that many people committed suicide because they were afraid of not getting out of the door. They didn't want the atmosphere to become so depressed. So I used some more distinctive colors, blue and orange, to embellish my poster. I think this can give you a hope , hope for life and vision for the future. The second page is about the distance between people going out. In the upper right corner, before the outbreak of the epidemic, people can shake hands and embrace each other closely, embellished with red, representing a very bright world, full of beautiful world. After the outbreak of the epidemic, I changed everyone's shadow to black and white gray, representing the bad heart of everyone after the epidemic. The inspiration of my second picture is that when I go out, I see everyone keep a safe distance. No matter where you go, the distance should not be less than 1 meter, such as supermarkets, parks, etc. My content on the third page is: when I am bored, I see the news of the opening of the cinema. When I buy tickets online, the seat selection page with sharp contrast between red and white looks like a regular go. Due to the influence of the epidemic situation, seat selection needs to be separated by the selection of seats. Therefore, the whole interface is orderly but not completely regular. Therefore, this element is extracted, accompanied by orange, which represents vitality and life, and blue, which symbolizes peace and hope. It is a kind of sensory collision between dynamic and static, and a fusion of strong contrast but not abrupt at all. I am a film professional. I found some movie posters with artistic conception and drew a lot of good-looking small pictures as a reference. At the same time, combined with their own small figure, the use of geometric embellishment. I hope you have some good views on life, because the epidemic situation is improving, and our life will be better and better. The next one: during the epidemic period, we saw a lot of heartfelt parting, and the most profound and infectious parting place was a tight embrace, which made us deeply feel that we were still in the same world. Hugging, will let us constantly recall the childhood, the most simple life, and the most distant dream, and most importantly, the mutual involvement between people. In the depth of our hope and future, there is a tacit knowledge of the warmth of human nature. But because of the epidemic, we can't get too close to each other, so I chose these two pictures with air in my arms. Even if we can't hug now, I'm still taking care of you. The above is my work.







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