When disaster strikes, no one can escape alone. During the COVID-19, it is clear that everyone has been affected to varying degrees. But a thing that can't be seen or touched has changed the world. Is this a warning from the micro world? This is a work created using sculptural artistic expression called Escape. Because I have noticed the details of this micro-world, I want to express my ideas in the same way. First of all, its main body is a transparent glass, which can be seen everywhere in our lives, but it may never have been thought that there would be another microscopic world or universe. Inside the bottle is a blue-purple abstract sphere made of hot melt glue, with radioactive lines throwing around. If you look closely, it has many subtle connections, like people's consciousness connects different thoughts through this event, like an information network of human consciousness. At the same time, it is like a group of cells, forming a network of human relations, which means that human beings live together in this world like cells, and no one can be divided. For me, blue-purple is a color that is oppressive and full of mysterious power. And these divergent tentacles seem to be people groping for the desire to escape from this bondage. Because of the transparency of glassware, people seem to be able to see the essence of things, but in fact there are walls that are difficult to break through and invisible. Finally, this work also expresses my feelings about this event, which seems to be free but feels bound. It also represents my wish that people can escape together, even if there is a larger transparent world after going out.

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