In my project, there was a little girl who peeks secretly from the the back of the door. Obviously, we can see the great fear in her face because she finds that there is a unknown and mysteriuos monster walking towards her. However, the little girl could do nothing but witness the monster approaching and opening the door gently. Finally, it comes into the room, found the girl. I got my inspiration during this February because this year we suffered from the Corona Virus. So everybody was required to stay at home to be quarantined. I heard the sound of the ambulance in my room which brought me a great fear since I had no idea about the unknown and unidentified virus. So I felt very scared and fear I can’t catch my breathe .At that moment, I came up with some questions in my mind. What would happen to our consciousness when we were faced with some great change and influence from the outside world? How did it change? Therefore, I had my some thoughts and put them into my project. As you can see the little girl in my project refers to the consciousness of human beings. The unknown monster may indicate the Corona Virus just like sound of the ambulance which brings great negative influence and fear to human beings. My project actually starts with the study of consciousness of human beings and l want to explore whether consciousness is changing and influenced continuously by the stimulation of information from outside world.

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