This year's Novel Coronavirus has had a tremendous impact on our daily lives. I found that the social distancing caused by the epidemic has dramatically changed people's lifestyles, forcing them to stay at home and go out less. This situation makes people, especially those living alone, feel lonelier and more anxious and want to interact with other living organisms. So how can people be helped to adapt to the change and alleviate negative emotions? I propose a supportive design, which aims to change the object of interaction from a person to another creature. I call it More Life. It's a simple plant-growing combination that reduces loneliness by adding more life to the space at home in the form of companionship and interaction. Meanwhile, the demand for water of plants is directly demonstrated by the change of soil moisture indicator light, which constitutes an interactive system. In this reminder, people will have regular interaction with plants, develop new indoor activity habits. It will help them adapt to a high proportion of home life. In addition, users can arrange and combine them according to their preferences to establish an interactive system to satisfy people's desire for creation.

Structure and Parts


Usage diagram1

Usage diagram2

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