In 2020, a sudden epidemic disrupted the rhythm of everyone's life, which led to a global standstill. Faced with empty streets, suspended social activities and delayed work, everyone suddenly went into a state of vacation. Human beings as social animals, the most basic way of communication has been affected. Inspired by a large number of photos taken during the epidemic, I think in a special perspective, and observe and compare the changes in the way of people communicate. Here, space, time, human distance, human behavior, all get new interpretation in silence, disorder, and the unknown. From my point of view, the plaster and plastic model are good container for attitudes and thoughts that are not so direct but can be understood.  In this group of works, I use variety of media to interpret "communication". For example, I use the form of a collision to simulate the communication between people. The pieces collide and scatter, which like people in the communication, and the acrylic plate becomes the obstacle of this communication. In this way, the work becomes a record of people's behavior. Black and white are the basic colors of the whole set of works, suggesting that the epidemic has allowed us to calm down and think and experience the rapidly changing world. Therefore, we can rediscover the meaning of communication. As we have explored evolutionary pathways, but we have forgotten that communication has allowed us to express our attitudes and emotions. We may need to calm down and re-examine the meaning of communication and seek for the hidden perception in the thoughts in this art work.

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