The name of my work is the shape of virus. This is an installation art work, or a sculpture work. Due to the reason of online exhibition, the final work is presented in the form of 3D rendering. The work mainly takes the lung as the creation element, because the lung is the organ with the greatest damage to human beings. I hope to record this special period through these sculptures. At the beginning of the project, I had a dream, which was also one of the sources of my inspiration. I dreamt that there was a huge virus shaped substance in the sky of our city. People looked up at it and discussed it. I don't know how to describe its state, although it's so charming, I'm sure it's dangerous. When I woke up, I recorded the scenes and colors in my dream and made some pictures. I think these scenes and colors can really reflect my understanding and feeling of the epidemic. Under the beautiful appearance of virus, there is a fatal crisis to us. Perhaps, the virus itself is not wrong, wrong, just happened to us. I want to express these feelings through some installations or sculptures. As to this project, the only thing that I wants to do is to record the thoughts in my mind, the scenes in my dream, and the color in my eyes. Luckily, I can record this unforgettable time .

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