In the new normal project, my goal is to solve the boredom and anxiety that arise during people's home isolation. My work show an APP, which integrate nature, exercise, and communication with my family as key elements into this application. Emotional communication is the keyword of this project. In overall design of the application, I use green as the main color of the application. Because green represents nature. And for the warm and cold colours, I chose warm green, which gives people a warmer feeling. The main function is to convert the user's exercise into a water source for watering and to exchange the fruits on the tree for different rewards. I think this is a good way to divert attention and vent dissatisfaction through exercise. At the same time, there are private mode and public mode in the choice of modes. The public mode includes family mode, which not only protects personal privacy, but also allows one to walk out of his room and have more opportunities to communicate with family members. I use PS, AI and other software to complete my creation.

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