In the new normal project, I used stone clay, glass bottles and acrylic paint to make a sculpture. This is a relatively subjective work reflecting my own feelings during the epidemic. For me, my online and offline social circles tend to be separate from each other in the daily life. But, due to the limitation of the epidemic, the Internet has become the only way for most people to communicate and obtain information. Many people who don't usually use the Internet begin to use it frequently. However, many people are not aware of controlling their social distancing, and sometimes neither respect other people. I clearly felt a worse Internet atmosphere than before, which gave me a sense of suffocation. I think this is because the social distance between face-to-face communication and online communication is not the same. The emergence of the epidemic broke people's control of the distance and forced the integration of the two social circles from the network and the reality. Coupled with the pressure from the epidemic, the Internet has become a melting pot of emotions. I hope to draw more people's attention to this phenomenon during the epidemic through my works.

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