My New Normal project is about my emotional changes during the COVID-19 epidemic, and I present them in the form of three posters. For me, this epidemic is divided into three different stages: pre-epidemic, mid-epidemic and post-epidemic, and in different stages it brought me three different feelings of fear, boredom and excitement. My design inspiration comes from the emoji package in WeChat. People often add some small emoticons at the end of their speech to express their feelings when they are chatting. Especially during the epidemic, the frequency of people using emoticons has increased significantly. Because it is impossible to meet with family and friends in the epidemic, everyone can express their happiness, anger, sorrow and joy through emoticons. I extracted the shape of the emoji package and used it in my poster. In the research, I also collected some information about the colors and design styles represented by different emotions, and adjusted and improved my three posters based on the collected materials. All in all, I use three posters to express my different feelings at different stages of the epidemic. In the process of turning abstract emotions into finished posters, I learned how to express my emotions with colors and graphics, and also let me understand how inspiration and research help my work.

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