Because of COVID-19, my spring semester could only be completed through online classes. I was very afraid of being infected actually, so I did not leave home for three or four months and just stayed in my room most of the time. I was afraid of people and I took personal hygiene very seriously. During the semester, I made a work about my life under the mask. In my life, wearing masks is a new normal in COVID-19 period, and another new normal for me is maintain social distance. So, I created this work-Isolation. I choose to make an illustration, because I did some posters, animations and types in the past and I have not done any illustrations. I found it is difficult to express social distancing because we could not see it but it exists and constrains people’s behaviors. I drew different kind of circles in my sketchbook and tried to express social distancing. I thought of every bubble had separate gas inside and bubble is also a kind of sphere. So, I choose concept “bubble” and “gas could not blend with gas in other bubbles” to express. In the work, every bubble has unique color and person shape, it expresses people's different attitudes towards COVID-19. In the process of painting, I thought about how to combine traditional painting and digital painting. I think they can combine, but I don't have the perfect answer yet.

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