When I do artwork, I like to use my mobile phone to record. Because inspiration is always fleeting, and this is the most convenient way. Oil painting is my favourite material, but it doesn't apply to creation. After all, the oil painting is too slow to dries. Oil stick can replace oil painting, but there is no way to draw large works. I love the colour matching, such as orange and blue, pink and red. I am recording the happiness in my life, just by taking pictures. It sounds like meaningless things, but that the point is and also the difference from my art to others. For me, the meaning behind these works of art is more important than themselves. Words can convey rational information, and art is more suitable for conveying emotional information. I record the small surprises I encounter every day, which is the process of improving my ability to appreciate beauty. In the process of creation, it is a discovery and exploration of aesthetics. Auguste Rodin said: The world is never short of beauty, but the eyes of discovery. In modern society, everything has become very fast, fast fashion, fast food and fast life. But only when we can stop and think about it, we can be surprised to notice that such many pleasant surprises have been ignored. In the free time provided by the coronavirus, to understand aesthetics, I read two related books. According to books, the improvement of my cognition of aesthetics can be regarded as the perfection of perceptual cognition. In other words, I can get the concrete feeling from the abstract things. The form is the carrier of personal preference and theme, and the spiritual content itself is the most worthy of attention. For the same works, the audience and the author may have a different understanding, which is the charm of artworks.

Selfie 1

Orange and blue


Taking express delivery

Oil painting

Tiny beautiful thing

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