Under the new normal, I designed a series of urban public chairs. During COVID-19, keeping a safe social distance has led to the redesign of many public places. Demands of life, balance of functions, relationship between man and nature, more and more elements are being redefined. Therefore, I pay attention to and explore the public chairs design under the new normal. I sat by the shape of the chair and the ways to implement the design concept: maintain social distance, to avoid face to face and reduce the contact area. Design inspiration comes from the poles of the birds. They not only face different directions and maintain distance, but also their feet occupy a small area. I also found inspiration in screens, railings and fluorescent colors. In this design, I explored the way to sit. A simple structure can provide a seat. I applied this way to my public chairs, because it can reduce the area of contact with public seats during an epidemic. This makes it safer and healthier for people to use. I provide a social distance between the two seats through product modeling. This design provides a new possibility for public seats under the current new normal.

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