I find that with the development of society, our living environment becomes more and more crowded. The space between people is getting smaller. My concept is to explore multi-functional design in small spaces and bring new changes to life in limited space and resources. For fashion, I want to design a garment that explores sustainable elements. At this point I am mainly focusing on garments with multiple functions. I want to design these garments for next generation of men. The goal I want to achieve is to make people avoid repeating the same function. For example, if a person has a multi-functional waterproof clothing, then an umbrella and raincoat are not necessary for him at this time. He doesn't have to buy them, which will reduce the number of items owned by this person to a certain extent and give him more living space. At the same time, for the society, the demand for umbrellas will be reduced, and the output of production will be reduced. Based on this example I aim to develop a capsule range of multifunctional and versatile garments for men. I will start from the problems I experience in my daily life, try to do some private research, and then find solutions.

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