My inspiration came from the pictures I saw at home during the quarantine. I saw a group of pictures in which many old dolls were left on the roadside without any protection. It reminded me of people who are suffering Covi-19. At the same time, we need to build a sense of security for ourselves in response to various psychological situations. The toys can bring people a sense of security, they are soft, can be used to de-stress, and most dolls have a pleasant appearance. So I think toys can be used as an artwork in spreading my ideas. I decided to make masks for my dolls with waste cloth and recycled material , and this selection also emphasises that the current trend is to eliminate waste of resources. Putting toys into waste packaging boxes seems to be a good way to give the toys a sense of security. I also made a comic with funny actions and dialogues to show people's inner feelings and fears In the commercial level, the service target of business is people, and the future trend is to meet people's psychological needs and bring them the comfortable feeling. So we can expand our product line according to this project, such as making a series of toys to cooperate with clothing brands. Or add them to household products. The project has a humanistic connotation, which will lead to more collective thinking.

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