My work is called the rat-labe. I named it through splitting and combining the text structure of the rat and the astrolabe. It is an interactive installation work. This work is based on my feelings about the epidemic. The suddenness and severity of the coronavirus has made a huge difference in the lives of many people. Public places were closed and access to the community was restricted. People are confined to their homes, and there is a limit to what people can do. Their plans were upset. People's lives are full of randomness, but what they can do every day is still relatively fixed. For many, the outbreak has also become a turning point. It made me re-examine fatalism and the psychological implication effect. It feels like the result is set when the roulette wheel turns. My main source of inspiration for the exterior design is the astrolabe and the compass. The picture of it was inspired by ancient compasses of constellations and Chinese fengshui compasses. This work is inspired by astrological things such as horoscopes and constellations, so when I made this work, I also hoped to create a function of divination. Then I added the roulette which is a simple structure but full of randomness. I refer to some medieval patterns and I added some artistic concepts that I like. I like hand-painted elements and spoofing techniques, such as the rat king effect. It's disgusting and uncomfortable, but I use a hand-painted method to make it very cute. I hope to keep the sense of mystery that divination equipment should have through this effect . The epidemic is happening now, so I do not want to completely keep the feeling of ancient divination equipment.

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